It has been reported that some high profile location scouts were spotted in and around Pattaya last week viewing some potential locations. One such location was Silverlake located roughly 17 kilometers from the city center.

Though at this point it has not been confirmed for which company they work for when asked for comment the location scouts remained tight lipped on the whole subject saying they were not able to give any information away not even the working title of whatever project they were in town for.

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This is the second instance of a high profile film production eying Pattaya and the Silverlake region for filming purposes as back in December a film titled Thai Curry was shot at several locations in and around Pattaya becoming the first Bengali movie to be entirely filmed in a foreign country.

The movie is scheduled to premiere all across India and 5 additional countries including England, America and Singapore later this month.

The presence of further scouts looking at different location in the region has led to rampant speculation about potential upcoming blockbusters which could feature familiar landmarks in the region.


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