Honest baht bus driver return Indian tourists bag in Pattaya

A group of Indian tourists were all smiles in Pattaya after a baht bus driver returned a bag of valuables that they had accidently left in the back of his bus calling the driver “a good man in society.”

The honest Good Samaritan on this occasion was Phanom Uttha who is the driver of “song thaew” number 265 which on most days can be found ferrying passengers between North and South Pattaya.

Honest baht bus driver return Indian tourists bag in Pattaya

It was reported that the head of the baht bus association Tawat Pheuakbunnarks stated that Phanom was hired to drive the Indian tourists to View Talay 6 Condo’s in Jomtien and it was only when they had left he discovered the bag.

Inspection of the bag revealed its contents of $600, 3000 rupees, passports and a camera which he straight away took to the baht bus association to be returned to its rightful owners, who wasted no time in tracking down the tourists.

The grateful tourists presented the driver with a reward for his honesty though the amount was not specified.

Source: INN

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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