Honest Pattaya taxi driver returns Russian tourist’s possessions

Taxi drivers here in Thailand tend to get a lot of stick both on social media and in the news so it’s nice to write a story of a honest taxi driver working right here in Pattaya.

The driver in question is 51-year-old Chao Asar from Jomtien who spoke to the media after he picked up a Russian tourist from Walking Street at 3am on Wednesday morning and took him to the Ambassador Hotel in Na Jomtien, charging him 400 baht for the trip.

The Russian tourist sat in the front of the taxi and was dropped of safely at his destination and Chao headed home for the night.

Honest Pattaya taxi driver returns Russian tourist’s possessions

It was the next afternoon when Chao was cleaning his taxi that he found an expensive smart phone lodged between the door and the front seat, inside the phones case was $100 US.

Checking the phones call history Chao was able to track down the owner who as he suspected was the Russian tourist, his last fare of the night before.

A meeting was arranged at the Ambassador Hotel with the manager acting as a witness as the smiling tourist was gratefully reunited with his phone and money.

Honest Pattaya taxi driver returns Russian tourist’s possessions

The tourist who was not named gave the honest cabbie 1,000 baht as a reward for returning his items.

Chao said “he was happy to help” and said all taxi drivers should do the same, stating that it is good for the image of the city and will encourage tourists to return to Pattaya and Thailand.

Have you ever lost anything in a taxi here? We would love to hear your experiences.

Source : Tnews

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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