A video capturing the terrifying crash that resulted in a women’s death has been uncovered.

A passerby stopped to assist a driver who had crashed, when another vehicle collides with the already severely damaged car, resulting in the woman’s death in Chonburi Province in Thailand. The incident occurred in the early hours of Sunday 12th of March, 2017.

The helpless driver and passengers from the first vehicle were being assisted by forty-eight year old Mr. Noppadon Kicwatr, who had kindly stopped to help.

Horrific Crash Kills Woman In Chonburi
Stranded driver moments before a car smashes into him in Pattaya

Mobile phone footage shows the second vehicle ramming the stricken car from behind, sending bodies hurling through the air.

Fortunately for Mr. Kicwatr, he had managed to leap out of the path of the approaching vehicle but again displayed great bravery to continue assisting those in need of help.

Along with the deceased woman, three others required hospital treatment due to the seriousness of their injuries.

Mr. Kiwatr said the initial incident was not that serious as was busy attending to those involved when the second car struck. He explained that it was very frightening experience.

Nearby roadworks and the presence of barriers along with poor lighting could have led to confusion resulting in the catastrophe.


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