Hua Hin Ferry Stages Emergency Drill

As part of their continuing commitment to improving safety, Chonburi marine authorities staged a fire drill on the new Pattaya-Hau Hin ferry, in an effort to simulate an actual emergency.

The drill was carried out on June 23 by the Marine Safety Control Centre, Chonburi Marine Traffic Control Centre and Bali Hai Pier Marine Rescue using the Royal Passenger Liner 3 as their stage.

Hua Hin Ferry Stages Emergency Drill

The drill was to rescue 104 passengers from the vessel whose part was played by troops from the 14th Military Circle in Chonburi after they staged a fire in the vessels engine room three miles off of Koh Larn.

A total of 23 rescue vessels from various organisations took part in the staged rescue mission who rescued passengers from both the ferry and out of the water.

Hua Hin Ferry Stages Emergency Drill

Medical teams, ambulances and emergency vehicles from local hospitals also participated in the drill.

The result of the simulated emergency was that five people were declared missing, three passengers suffered severe injuries, seven escaped with moderate injuries and 90 passengers survived with bumps and bruises.

The exercise was hailed as a success and further simulations are to be held annually.

Source : Pattayamail

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