Two young lads from Suffolk England were the talk of the town here in Pattaya earlier this week after a series of photos went viral showing what appeared to be one of the lads having a rather brave tattoo.

In a post which was shared hundreds of times in a matter of days, one of the two young gentleman was shown having what appeared to be a tattoo saying ilovePattaya plastered across his forehead.

Pictures of the pair inside and outside of a tattoo shop here in Pattaya were popping up on various social media groups all across Pattaya leaving many people wondering was the bold tattoo choice actually real or not.

I Love Pattaya Tattoo Post

Well after speaking to one of the owners at who is pictured with the young gentleman sporting what turns out to be not a permanent tattoo it turns out that it was part of a marketing campaign for a Pattaya based business called Erawadee.

Many people however believed that the tattoo was permanent leading to a string of abusive comments while others were skeptical about its authenticity and saw the funny side of it all, a couple of the more interesting comments can be seen on the original post and shares HERE

Let’s hope the post serves as a reminder to think before you in if you are here on holiday as this tattoo came off with a little soap and water real ones are a lot harder to remove.

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