Jomtien beach goes being told to watch out for jellyfish

Tourists are being told to be extra vigilant on Jomtien Beach as there is a large quantity of small jellyfish washing ashore.

Authorities were on hand on June 24 after thousands of small tune jellyfish washed up on a two kilometre stretch of the beach.

The jellyfish while small and transparent still give a nasty sting if you come into contact with them.

One beach vendor Somchai Jaisandee, 30, commented that the jellyfish are common this time of the year and are often seen both on the sand and in the water, as the start of summer is their main breeding time.

Signs have been put up to warm beach goers to be on the lookout to prevent anyone being stung.

Source : Pattaya Mail

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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