Karaoke Owner Behind Bars For Alleged Human Trafficking

A Pattaya woman has been remanded for alleged human trafficking offences.

Paranisa Chainapanitku, 41, a karaoke bar owner has denied the charges for Human Trafficking  for over a year and despite her predicament, insists she will continue to battle for justice, claiming she was framed by police.

The woman was denied bail while she fights the charges brought against her.

Paranisa, who owns Nangfa Karaoke, is accused of being involved with human trafficking, owning a business that makes money from prostitution and/or trafficking, along with forcing others into prostitution.

The charges were brought after her business was raided back in January 2016, resulting in the arrest of her manager Somai Jongthanakamol. Despite promises that Paranisa would get her out of jail, she spent more than a year behind bars.

When Somai was in prison, she began talking to police, describing how the karaoke business was used to sell women and underage girls for sex.

A second raid was carried out, which resulted in Paranisa being arrested. She then claims that Provincial Police Region 2 Lt. Col. Narawut Karamhito would make the case “disappear” if she gave him 30,000 baht.

The case continues.

Source : thaivisa.com

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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