A 30-year-old South Korean man has been charged by police after stealing property belonging to fellow guests at a Pattaya hostel.

Seung Gyun Yoo was apprehended after the manageress of Qing Lian Youth Hostel, Siralak Samutsapthawee, alerted local police to a string of theft that had occurred.

Korean Stole From Guests In Pattaya

The 30-year-old checked into the hostel on the 9th and 12th of June when a man from Lithuania and an Indonesian woman reported items had been stolen from their rooms.

CCTV footage was used to confirm it was Seung Gyun Yoo that had stolen the items.

Police found the man hiding inside a wardrobe in a building near the scene of the crimes.

The perpetrator was charged with theft and for overstaying his visa.

It is not clear if the property the man stole was recovered at this time.

Source : Thaivisa

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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