Lakeisha Saynam Nealon, a young school girl from Bolton has been awarded the title of a hero after saving two youngsters who were drowning while on holiday

She was staying with her mum Sumaran and her dad Ian at the Sutus Court Hotel in pattaya when it happened on July 19. The day she arrived at her resort, Lakeisha swam to save a four year old girl after her armbands had slipped off.

The young girl, being frightened, was pulling Lakeisha under the water. However she was still able to pull the girl to safety.

Lakeisha Saynam Nealon – Nine-Year-Old hero

Only a few days another young girl was blessed with the help of Lakeisha when the family went to see relatives in Beung Khan. Mr Nealon, who first saw the girl fall over the pool barrier at The One Hotel, dived in to help but was his daughter had already managed to swim her to safety.

Lakeisha Saynam Nealon – Nine-Year-Old hero

Lakeisha attends Masefield Primary School in Little Lever. When asked what happened she said that although both girls were struggling due to fear, she was safely able to get them out of the water and despite her being frightened initially, she was confident in her swimming abilities.

Thanks to Lakeisha and her love of swimming both kids are okay and because of her bravery she was quite rightly treated to a trip to the fair.

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