A video has surfaced on Facebook alleging to be a conversation between Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha and Pattaya Mayor regarding somewhat of a touchy subject here in Pattaya.

The video which was originally shared on the We Love Pattaya Facebook page claims that the PM on a recent visit to Pattaya for the International Fleet Review spots the large building and asks Mayor Anan “what is that doing there? Is it being built or is it old?”

Pattaya’s mayor allegedly then goes on to explain to the PM that it is an old project that has been tied up in legal red tape for years.

The building in question is of course the Waterfront Suites and Residences development.
Following the PM’s question many have commented online some calling the building a landmark while others refer to it as an eyesore.

The project stalled over legality around the height of the building as well as land space the building and its facilities are taking up.

The project is still said to be going ahead though little has happened over the last couple of years to suggest this is so.

What do you think would you like to see the building finished or torn down?

Source: WelovePattaya

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  1. If the smoking ban is restricted to the beach only then it will be just like Australia, just taking a problem from one are and putting it somewhere else. The streets in Australia are now filthly with cig butts and it has got worse wit age. Non smokers now suffer the most because of smoking in the streets. It is going to be a testing time for all. A lot of people including me and my girlfriend walk beachroad everyday. Good luck

    • I live between both Thailand and Australia and guess which Country is the cleanest, and its not Thailand. I don’t smoke and I rarely see butts around nowadays but they may be seen in the city around smoking areas perhaps. Time to come back To Aussie for another look I reckon.
      Anyway Thailand is often filthy and the fault is both locals and holiday makers.
      Back on topic, the Waterfront is no more ugly that other buildings around Pattaya Jomtien and the rest of Thailand and I could name plenty, The Waterfront is classic Thai politics gone bad.


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