Lost 4-year-old reunited with parents thanks to Good Samaritan

Thai social media was full of praise for one Thai gentleman following a story which was reported by Sanook.

The report stated that the gentleman in question who did not wish to be named discovered a 4-year-old Chinese girl wandering alone near a market in Bang Bung on Sunday.

Realizing something clearly wasn’t right the Good Samaritan took the lost child to the nearest police station.

Officers there attempted to communicate with the distressed child and even brought in a Chinese language teacher to aid in communication but no one was able to successfully communicate with the little girl.

Thankfully the tale had a happy ending as a short while after the child’s distressed parents arrived at the police station to report their daughter missing and were visibly relieved to see their daughter safe and sound, the mother bursting into tears.

The child’s mother told officers that they went to the market and dropped the child off with her grandmother while her and her husband went to park the car, at which point the young girl became separated from her grandmother.

It was reported that the family attempted to give the good Samaritan a reward for his actions which he declined stating that he too is a father and that it was his duty to make sure the lost child was safe, he didn’t do it for a reward.

Thai social media was all praise for the man’s actions.      


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