Major Sukhumvit Roadworks On The Way

The Department of Rural Roads has said it will take about two weeks to dig up a section of Sukhumit Road in an effort to prevent ground water from coming up and through the road surface.

The section in question is near to the entrance of the Redemptorist Vocational School which has subsided as a result of the underground water eroding the foundations of the road.

Locals have complained that the area is always wet, even if there has been no rain for several days.

Somchai Panpao, adviser to the Central Road tunnel project said that the underground water was natural and not caused by work carried out on the tunnel or by any broken pipes.

He said that the water has not affected the tunnel project in any way.

Workers of the Rural Roads Department have classed this as a big repair job, having to find where the water is coming from, find a way to prevent it and resurface the road.

They expect the repair work to take “about two week.”

In the short term they have installed pipes to try and move excess water away from the area.

Source : Pattayamail

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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