With the enforcement of the beach smoking ban just a couple of months away the regional director of the Marine Coastal Resource Department, Thanet Mannoi took to the sands in Pattaya.

On December 7 to explain to foreign tourist why the Thai government has taken the decision to ban smoking on its beaches.

Thanet along with Pattaya legal chief Sretapol Boonsawat and other officials went to Dongtan Beach to check preparations ahead of the ban which will be enforced from February 1 of next year.

Marine Chief explains beach smoking ban decision to tourists

As part of their visit they made sure that none of the 44 beach chair vendors on the beach were smoking themselves and they surveyed the designated smoking area which has been set up to accommodate those who smoke.

Thanet explained to tourists present that the decision to ban smoking on the beaches came as cigarette butts account for the majority of the rubbish discarded on the beaches across the nation and not only that second hand smoke is harmful to everyone.

Marine Chief explains beach smoking ban decision to tourists

When the ban comes into effect people caught smoking on the sands can reportedly face fines of up to 100,000 baht and or 1 year in prison.

Dongtan Beach chair vendor Manop Sakorn said that smoking is already banned on many beaches around the world due to environmental and health concerns, however he noted that many of his customers have branded the penalties here in Thailand as ridiculous.

There is currently a temporary smoking area set up behind the beach chairs and umbrellas consisting of just a few plastic chairs while officials work to get more permanent shelters built.

Source: Pattaya Mail

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