Police here in Pattaya have arrested a currently unidentified foreign man after a Mercedes he was driving hit a motorcycle waiting at an intersection killing a 28-year-old Thai woman and seriously injuring her two children aged 8 and 10.

The foreign man is said to be from the Middle East and according to eye witnesses attempted to flee the scene of the accident and in doing so dragged the woman’s body for 150 meters before people witnessing the accident were able to stop him and detain him until officers arrived.

It was reported that some who witnessed the accident attacked the driver for attempting to flee causing officers to quickly remove him from the scene to Pattaya Police station to face charges.

Mercedes driver hits motorbike, kills Thai woman in attempt to flee

The accident reportedly took place at 10pm on Saturday night and the deceased has since been identified as Pawinee Kaewcham, both of her children who were rushed to hospital are said to be in a stable condition while her husband who was driving the motorcycle did not sustain any injuries in the accident.

Mercedes driver hits motorbike, kills Thai woman in attempt to flee

The rider of a separate motorcycle was also rushed to hospital after being injured by the motorcycle which was struck by the Mercedes.

An eye-witness told officers that the motorcycle was waiting at the intersection for the lights to turn green when the Mercedes traveling at speed slammed into the bike sending the occupants flying and Pawinee was then dragged under the car for some distance before the driver was eventually stopped.

Source: The Nation

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