MET Department warns of more heavy rains and falling temps for this week

Although the weather here in Pattaya has been nice and sunny for the last couple of days the Meteorological Department of Thailand again issued an urgent weather warning for much of the kingdom cautioning of heavy rains followed by a sharp drop in temperature.

This will be the tenth urgent weather warning that the department has issued which was released at 5am this morning.

The upcoming predicted change in weather conditions are expected as a result of a strong high pressure front moving in from China that is currently over Vietnam and is expected to arrive in the North of the kingdom later today before moving down the country.

MET Department warns of more heavy rains and falling temps for this week

The MET Department said those here in Thailand should expect thunderstorms and heavy rainfall over the coming week which will be accompanied by strong winds and a sharp drop in temperature of 6-8 degrees Celsius.

Areas expected to be effected include the North, Northeast, East and Central parts of the kingdom which includes Bangkok and surrounding provinces who were also told to expect heavy rainfall and a drop in the temperature.

According to the statement there is also a strong monsoon moving across the Gulf of Thailand which is also expected to result in heavy rain and isolated torrential downpours in the south of the kingdom.

So for most people here in Thailand probably best to prepare for a wet couple of days.

Source : The Nation

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