The animosity among different taxi services has clearly blown out of proportion since drivers have been seen chasing each other down and fighting over earning customers in the streets of Pattaya, Bangkok several times now. Passengers, often tourists, are getting quite a taste of hell trapped in between these violent ordeals.

On Tuesday, Maj. Gen. Manas Chandee, deputy Bangkok director of the prime minister’s military unit clarified, “The problem is mainly between motorbike taxis and riders from GrabBike taking customers without a license, There are many reports of quarrels and physical fights between them that are sent to us.”

The rift between Grabtaxis and motorcycle-taxis (win) have been marinating long. In 2016, with support of traditional win services, the junta had ruled Grab or Uber services as illegal but however that didn’t stop the mentioned service brands to operate till now. Several incidents of Grab drivers being chased away or assaulted and passengers using such services being verbally abused have been reported in the past two years.

Internal Security Operations Command, or ISOC that answers directly to the prime minister and is responsible for national security issues have been looking into the matters. After Monday’s meeting in ISOC’s Bangkok office, a representative said that Grab has agreed to withdraw vehicles without license offering service. Maj. Manas further added, “We’re finding a way to resolve this problem, we will set a meeting with the department of land transport and other related departments to discuss the matter on Thursday.”

Source : Khaosod English

Content : LovePattayThailand


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