Millions spent, hundreds worked but the refurbishing of the Yim Yom beach seems to be yet a failed initiative.

In 2013, the Pratamnak Sea beach or popularly called the Yim Yom beach was hit by a major storm. The beach had a reputation to be a bit secluded and less crowded. The storm had inflicted sever damage to the shore.

In 2014, the renovation plan was launched to restore the beach to its previous condition. The sala had been built under the refurbishment of Jomtien beach plan worth 600 million baht. A new walkway and walls were built to stand off against storms.


After four years of the plans launched and tens of millions baths spent, the Yim Yom beach still looks like in tatters. Broken footpath, shattering walls, burnt out lights and piles of trash; that’s what one will get to see now in Yim Yom beach.

According to the locals the concrete structures and the walkways laid in 2014 were wrongly placed. Due to low or no maintenance the occasional floods have ate into their foundations.

In spite of millions of funds invested, the Yim Yom Beach could not be restored to the planned grandeur as low maintenance caused damages to the already completed works.

Source : Mthai

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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