Police were called after a massive traffic jam formed during rush hour yesterday morning.

When police arrived at the front of the queue of traffic at 7am it was not an accident or broken down car they found but an official who had fallen asleep at a red light in Chonburi.

It took officers roughly 30 minutes of banging on the White Honda’s window and door to eventually wake the sleeping official, who once awoken said that he was tired after working late the night before.

Officers gave the man a bottle of water which he drank and splashed on his face before continuing his journey to work much to the relief of the many vehicles backed up behind him.

Traffic officer Naret Sangka told reporters he was confused by the event as the day before was a Sunday, and was not sure why an official would be working on that day.

He said “I am not sure that he was all there.”

Source: Sanook

Content : LovePattayaThailand




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