More signs put up to get baht buses to stop where they should

Pattaya officials have ordered more signs be put up after complaints that baht bus stops were being ignored on Beach Road and Second Road.

Speaking about the recent efforts by the military to bring order to the baht buses here in Pattaya the director of the Traffic Department, Anuwat Thongkham said that city officials have received a string of complaints that the newly installed baht bus stops were not being used.

The National Council for Peace and Order attempted to bring some semblance of a rational system for the buses here in Pattaya by allocating 168 stopping zones for pick up and drop off in the area with the aim to have baht buses stop in the zones only, not randomly as they have been doing for years.

More signs put up to get baht buses to stop where they should
More signs put up to get baht buses to stop where they should

It was noted that current efforts seem not to have worked with only the stops positioned outside of big shopping malls being used while drivers continue to pick-up and drop off passengers wherever they want.

Anuwat said this problem is especially bad on Beach Road which isn’t doing anything to help traffic congestion, however he blamed drivers not using the stops on poor signage and lack of understanding on how the system works.

To try and combat the issue newly erected signs have gone up at all 30 of the bus stops on Beach and Second Roads to make the stopping zones more obvious.

What do you think will the signs work? Or will drivers continue to drop off and pick up passengers wherever they want? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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