With VIPs inbound, Pattaya fixes long-broken traffic lights

With the eyes of multiple nations descending upon Pattaya next week for the International Fleet show Pattaya officials are doing everything they can think of to improve the image of the city which includes repairing scores of broken pedestrian crossing signals and officials have said they are putting measures in place to make drivers actually stop.

Officials have said repairs have been carried out of 42 broken crossings 17 on Pattaya’s Beach Road, 12 on Second Road and 13 between North road and Jomtien.

The crossings were installed back in 2010 by Pattaya’s former Mayor Ltthiphol Kunplome as an effort to improve the safety for tourists visiting the city, however with the majority of motorists simply ignoring the crossings they soon became somewhat of a laughing matter.

Even police seemed unaware that vehicles were required to stop for people using the crossing after a video was shared online showing a police car racing through a zebra crossing as people tried to cross.

Now with many high ranking officers and officials descending on Pattaya from November 13 for the International Fleet Show officials have been pulling out all the stops to make sure the city is ready to receive the high profile visitors.

Officials have said they will also do “something” to educate road users to stop for red lights at the crossings.

Source: PattayaMail

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