A distressed mother called animal foundation staff after she found a python under the bed of her 13-year-old son.

Thanapha Lekjaiseu, 42, said that her son only slept in the room occasionally and that they mostly used the room for storage.
She explained that they left the window to the room open so the family cat could enter and exit as it pleased as it was looking after a kitten.

Snake Eats Cat

On Wednesday Thanapha had gone in to the room around 7am and to her horror discovered the serpent which had eaten the cat and was now attacking its kitten.

She instantly called in the animal foundation staffs which were able to remove the three-metre long python which had slunk back under the child’s bed.

One of the snake wranglers was injured in the removal of the snake sustaining a bite to his right hand before the snake was released back into the wild!.



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