Muze Boss Denies Welder Was On Site And Caused Fire That Destroyed Club

Confusion reigns over the cause of the blaze that destroyed the Muze Club, which was located on Pattaya Sai Song 4, when the management announced that no workers were on site when the fire began.

This claim comes, despite police arresting a welder, Eneak Thannondaeng, 33, and charging him with careless workmanship, as he welded a door near the club’s entrance.

Suralak Rodpai, General Manager of the club insisted there were no contractors on site.

She said that there were employees within the club and they could have been mistaken for contractors.

Other concerns were raised as too whether the club had a sprinkler system installed or not, again the manager denies any wrongdoing.

Investigations are still ongoing.





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