Naked Brit Falls To His Death In Walking Street

A British tourist died when he fell from a guest house above Sweetheart Go-Go Bar.

Tourist panicked, fleeing the scene as the naked body of Andrew Laidler, 31, plummeted to the ground.

Emergency services had to fight their way through a packed crowd who had gathered around Mr. Laidler, where they found the injured man was still alive. However, he was pronounced dead upon reaching hospital.

Naked Brit Falls To His Death In Walking Street

The incident occurred at around 04:00.

According to witnesses, someone covered the man in a towel and others pushed the crowd back to try to make things more comfortable for the Brit.

The guest house is commonly used on a per day basis according to police. They also stated that no valuables were found in the room.

Police are studying CCTV to determine if anyone could have been in the room with him.


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