Naked man destroys hotel room and injures 3 police officers

Police in Pattaya had quite the handful when attempting to arrest 42-year-old Songkarm Saksri on March 7th who was wanted in connection to an attempted murder back in 2005.

Officers descended on the Mike Orchid Resort where they discovered the suspect completely naked wielding a wooden club.

Mr Saksri attempted to barricade himself in the bathroom of the hotel room.

A total of 10 officers broke down the door and an altercation ensued in which three of the officers sustained injuries from Mr Saksri and his wooden club.

The whole incident came to an end when the suspect attempted to flee by jumping out of a window to a lower floor injuring himself in the fall, which allowed officers to detain him.

Police were originally called to the scene after staff found the suspect destroying a room at the hotel.

Following his arrest officers announced that the suspect tested positive for methamphetamine and a check of his criminal record revealed he was wanted on the attempted murder warrant issued in 2005.

For the time being police have detained the suspect for drug use whilst they investigate further. 


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