Tourists visiting Thailand must now carry their license for renting a vehicle; any deviation will amount up 1000 baht fine.

The Pattaya Police reported that not only will the rider renting the vehicle will be fined but also the rental company will face a fine up to 2000 baht, since his rented vehicle will be confiscated right on spot.

Pattaya Update News on Facebook reported that crime rate of crime has increased in Pattaya, since foreign tourists uses these rented vehicles to commit the crime and once done; they flee the crime scene with the vehicle.


Moreover tourists are not aware of the Highway Code and having no training leads to increasing accidents.

The new law demands tourists to have an international license, passport and home country driving license when renting a vehicle. Without a license, the vehicle will be taken away.

In case of tourists staying temporarily in the kingdom, they can use their home country driving license and certified copy of that from their embassy or consulate in Thailand to the Department of Land Transport to get a Thai license.

Source : Sophon

Content : LovePattayaThailand


  1. About time, now the Police should take immediate action to clear the streets of those evil motorcycle taxis.
    Many have no license or insurance are often drunk or taking drugs.
    They are mostly filthy dirty and frequently take more than one passenger with no care.
    Round them up and put them in prison for 90 days hard labour and crush their bikes.


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