Many businesses in Pattaya are suffering as the low season takes effect. Many bars are empty, with more girls than customers inside venues.

Now one of the cities most famous Go-Go bars has closed it doors.

Staff at Living Dolls One in Walking Street were told before their shift on Tuesday, May 30th, that the well established entertainment hotspot was shutting up shop.

Go-Go bars employ many girls in the city and are closing at an alarming rate. Many drinking establishments are up for sale as customers dwindle, despite government claims that tourism is on the increase. That maybe the case but are they drinking in the bars and Go-Go clubs in Pattaya? It appears not.

Living Dolls one, has been on the go since around 2002 but has suffered badly under a variety of managers, who failed to rejuvenate the venue to keep up with the competition.

It had been up for sale for some time but with no buyer to be found – it is no more.

Another one bites the dust as they say.

Source : Stickboybangkok

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  1. The government is targeting Indian, Chinese and Russian tourists none of.who spend any money. Chinese stay in pre- paid all inclusive hotels with most of the money.going back to China. Indians just don’t spend except with Indians, Russians drink beer from 7/11, anything to take home with them.
    Unless TAT changes Thailand tourism will die. Start offering good deals to Europeans and North Americans.

  2. Living Dolls 1 has always been one of my favorite bars, but it suffered from that ‘dead alley’ with no open bars along the way to pull punters back there, and once entered, customers were greeted by overweight, bored and arrogant girls and even more arrogant and pushy ‘mamasans’ who weren’t ashamed to make customers feel bad or cheat them if they felt like it. Horrible.

    It wasn’t such a problem before, but by my last trip there about 1 year ago, there was no manager visibly present anymore, most halfway attractive girls had abandoned the bar, there were no shows anymore (they had been one of their highlights before) and it was visibly going downhill. As sad as I am about it (due to my memory about better times of the bar), I have to say I’m not surprised.

  3. It’s on the illegal side of walking street over the water… you would be crazy to buy it…

    But I have had some great nights in that place and I will miss it.

  4. You should remove the comment section if it is actually fake or legal reasons keep you from approving any comments of your visitors.

  5. But nevertheless I took one girl from living Dolls 1 in last may…This venue had have some troubeles with the beauty exactly. It’s no customer’s problem that young Thai-girl don’t want go on this way today. May be it is problem…links with development country on the whole and parents who don’t want to see their doughter like a dancer..
    I’m Russian by the way))
    And Liveng Dolls 1 haven’t had competitive stuff for long time..


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