No New Go-Go Bars In Pattaya

Authorities have announced that “no new licences” for Go-Go bars are to be released for the foreseeable future.

In addition to this news, Soi 6 bars have been told they cannot open until 18:00 in a move that will surely have a serious impact on businesses in the street. Those who fail to comply will face fines and/or have their licences suspended.

No New Go-Go Bars In Pattaya

One owner complained that it was already hard to make a living in Soi 6 – this could mean my bar could close permanently, resulting in job losses.

Others asked “why can some bars open yet mine cannot?”

The new rules seem to baffle many but will seriously impact on numerous bars ability to make money, which could be the final nail in the coffin for many businesses in Pattaya.

The majority of bars are already struggling to survive, especially during low season.

It is believed that bars and clubs in Pattaya, provide employment for 27,000 people. If these premises close, what happens to these people?

Are you a bar or Go-Go Club owner/manager? How will these new rules affect your business?

Source : Thaivisa

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  1. this is a bad idea for thai people all over Thailand, yes its understandable if the intention is to try to clean up the country and create a better impression of Thailand, however the poverty that already exists will be quadrupled or worse, its a crazy way to go about it, they also would need some kind of system in place to aid all the people who will be left destitute, this could also be an attempt to stop foreign bar owners exploiting their country, and actually that is a good thing for thai people and Thailand, maybe the authorities are sick of foreigners doing this and taking their earnings back to their country, that happens in the UK by all foreigners that live and work in the UK. I wonder if a thai national will be allowed to get a new bar and licence. it will also impact on Thailand’s tourist industry in a big way I think, much of Thailand’s tourism industry is dependant on these bars,

  2. Is.the Thai.government going to.finally.start.helping.their.people ? I.know.many.of of, Thailand


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