Pattaya chicken noodle vendor returns lost property worth a million baht!

A chicken noodle sales woman found a bag containing more than a million baht on Sunday morning.

The vendor was riding her motorbike and sidecar towards Bali Hai Pier, where she sells her noodles, when she stopped to inspect the bag.

Upon opening it, twenty-nine-year-old Sumaree Sri-uam, was shocked to find 30,000 baht in cash along with three cheques worth in the region of 400,000 baht each.

She found credit cards and documents that provided the details of the bag’s owner, Wuthikorn Hanwuthisit, a local building contractor.

Sumaree took the bag to the police station where it was discovered that the rightful owner had been hospitalised.

His brother Thanawut, 46, visited the police to collect the bag and heaped praised on the woman for her honesty, before presenting her with an undisclosed reward.

It is unclear why the building contractor was in hospital and if the loss of the bag was related to this fact or not.

However, we wish Wuthikorn a speedy recovery.

Special praise should be given to the noodle vendor for her integrity and actions she took upon discovering the bag.


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