Officials inspect buses, minivans and taxis ahead of Songkran

In preparation for the upcoming Songkran holiday Chonburi’s Land Transport Department has carried out a series of inspections on all vehicles used for public transport in the region.

A checkpoint was established on Central Road on March 19 where officials were aided by Pattaya Technical College students in carrying out a series of checks.

The checkpoint was their specifically to check vehicles engines and overall safety and checks to make sure drivers were also not intoxicated were also carried out.

Officials inspect buses, minivans and taxis ahead of Songkran

Officials at the checkpoint stopped every bus, minivan and taxis that was traveling between Bangkok, Pattaya and Sattahip.

It was reported that drivers cooperated fully with the checks and all agreed to take a breath test to check for alcohol, there was no report of anyone found to be over the limit.

Officials said checkpoints would be established regularly from now until April 19 to check vehicle safety.

Source : Pattayamail

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