Only top-quality sand will do for beaches here in Pattaya according to local authorities who have deemed sand they ordered for beach renovation works as not up to scratch.

Coastal authorities here in Pattaya had ordered a shipment of sand from Koh Rang earmarked for works along a 2.8 kilometer stretch of beach but the harbor master Ekkarat Khantaro has said that the sand is not good enough for Pattaya.

Local authorities are now on the hunt to source an alternative for the project intended to beautify Pattaya Beach.


It is estimated that 400,000 cubic meters of sand will be needed to carry out the renovation works.

Ekkarat told reporters there was no need for alarm, officials would source sand deemed fit for Pattaya and work will begin on schedule in April.

Source : Pattayanews

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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