Officials step up effort to educate people ahead of beach smoking ban

With the impending enforcement of the Beach smoking ban on both Pattaya and Jomtien beaches a little over 3 weeks away officials in Pattaya are stepping up efforts to educate both locals and tourists of the new laws surrounding lighting up on the beaches.

Officials including Pattaya’s mayor Anan Charoenchasri were out in person at the Thepprasit Community Primary Public Health Centre on December 29 informing those at the centre of the soon to be enforced ban.

The ban will officially start being enforced from February 1 after a three month-long grace period since its announcement last year.

Officials step up effort to educate people ahead of beach smoking ban


Officials handed out literature to both residents and tourists and made it very clear that smoking will no longer be tolerated on the sands and those wishing to light up must use specially designated smoking areas.

Though no official report has been made on how much violators could be fined when the ban was originally announced because the ban comes from the Marine and Coastal Resources Department who can apparently fine people as much as 100,000 baht and or a five year jail sentence for lighting up on the sands, though it is expected that fines will be much less and signage is expected to be put in place before the ban is enforced.

Source: Pattaya Mail

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  1. NO DOUBT it will be as successful as the ban on smoking in bars & a go go bars & outside restaurants ! Owners soon found out customers will not tolerate being dictated to by them or this dictatorship.Within a week or two Smoking was again allowed as a much preferred alternative to going bankrupt . Get some of the youngsters off street corners looking for gold to steal put them on beach cleaning duty.It’s not cigarettes that cause the litter as all little refreshment vendors hand out ash trays & litter bins it’s normal everyday bloody rubbish blown off the streets.!


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