Most of us have seen or heard of many strange things that happen in the wonderful city of Pattaya but how many of you have heard of anyone having a dump on a bar floor?

That is what has allegedly happened in a Pattaya bar with the incident caught on CCTV.

It is claimed that the man, so far unidentified, broke into Kiss Bar in the early hours of Wednesday morning, before proceeding to defecate on the floor.


The CCTV images show him removing his trousers wearing just his underpants.

After doing his business, her left the premises without stealing anything from the premises.

The owner of the bar, a Mr Andrew Brand, has taken to social media in an attempt to identify the mystery dumper. He has also enlisted the help of other businesses nearby by, asking them to check their own CCTV.

But why break into a bar to take a dump and not use the toilet? Could it be revenge or just badness?

Source : Andrew Brand Facebook

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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