One molester caught

Love Pattaya covered a story of a young girl who was unconscious yet subjected to a lewd sexual assault. At the time, police said they would take no action unless the girl made a complaint.

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However one of the men has been caught and charged, as police now hunt for the second man involved.

In the shocking video that was seen on social media, the girl is oblivious to the fact that the two men are assaulting her. One is clearly seen with his hands between her legs, committing a sex act. The other is repeatedly kissing the blacked out girl.

Social media users stepped in to identify the men and the location where the film was taken.

The video was shot outside the Shalimar Bar and Restaurant in the city’s Walking Street.

26 year old Jiraphat Kraseasathien who admitted to being one of the two men in the video was arrested yesterday.

Police are trying to locate the other man identified as Itthiphon Sumnatha, 24, from Pathum Thani.

Kraseasathien claims he was shocked to find out he had been videoed!!!

He offered his apologies for damaging Pattaya’s reputation, saying he was very drunk at the time.

He afforded the girl no apology, who was obviously in a worse state that he was. He added he did not force the her.

Police will also prosecute whoever made the video and posted it on Facebook.

Social media users were outraged when they saw the video saying this is technically rape. The girl was in no position to refuse or consent to the advances of the two men.

Sadly, you have to wonder about the mentality of those who stood by and watched her being assaulted too.


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