Oral Bliss In Pattaya Bar

Bliss Lounge on Pattaya Third Road was raided following reports that it was selling sexual services to its customers.

Banglamung district chief Naris Niramaiwong ordered an investigation into the illicit activities at the Bliss Lounge Bar and Restaurant, amidst complaints that the venue was selling “oral” favours to foreigners.

Investigators photocopied three 1000 baht notes and sent in an undercover officer as the raiding party waited outside to spring their trap. Once a predetermined signal was provided, the officers entered the venue to make their arrests.

Inside the bar, five ladies served customers with their drinks and all appeared to be normal. On the second floor, they discovered five rooms. As they entered the first one, a girl aged 25 was found topless in bed with the undercover agent. Her name was given as “A”.

Police discovered a used condom in a nearby bin.

The money given to the agent was located in the bar’s till and taken away as evidence.

The bar’s owner, 41-year-old Patcharee Wiwekwin was taken into custody along with six ladies.

In her statement Patcharee told police her venue had turned to providing sexual favours following an economic decline. As her business suffered, she said she had little option.

She has run the business for five years, initially as a sports bar and restaurant but recently it changed to a beer bar providing sexual services.

It is unclear as to who the used condom found in the bin belonged to.


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