Yet another of Pattaya’s adult entertainment venues has been raided by the authorities.

During the wee hours of Wednesday morning the living Dolls Showcase Agogo bar located on Walking Street had a surprise visit by the Region 2 Police Special Investigation Units.

Unfortunately for the management and some of its staff, the officers of the Special Investigation Unit did NOT drop into the bar for a late night drink. They were there on official business.

The raid was carried out based on a tip that some of the entertainers within Living Dolls Showcase were actually dancing both topless and in the nude, as well as, ah … misbehaving, in various other un-ladylike ways to ensure that the bar had a steady stream of punters filling the seats.

Upon entering the establishment, officers got an eyeful of what was described as an “erotic” and “sexually explicit show”. After recovering from the shock of what they had witnessed ( Leally ), the officers quickly gathered their wits and determined that Khun Yupalay, the agogo’s manager and the three showgirls performing the inappropriate show should be detained and ultimately charged down at the station house.

A report of the raid will soon find its way onto the top of the ever growing pile of similar reports currently piling up in the Governor of Chonburi’s ‘in-box’.

It is the Governor’s duty to make the weighty decision as to whether or not to strip the strip-bar of its must have entertainment license.

A few of the beautiful Girls from Living Dolls Agogo……NOT THE GIRLS THAT GOT ARRESTED!


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