Pattaya officials have requested the rather sizable sum of 1.6 billion baht to build a new major flood- drainage pipeline from the city centre out into the ocean.

According to the Pattaya City Council on December 1, they submitted a budget request to Chonburi’s provincial governor to hand to the Interior Ministry.

The request for funds to build the new flood prevention pipeline comes after navy personnel were made to march through waterlogged streets during last month’s International Fleet Review, which didn’t show Pattaya in the best light.

Pattaya’s Mayor Anan Charoenchasri said that the flooding was made worse by the decision to remove “ugly” water pumps from the beachfront in an effort to beautify the city for the Fleet Review, as a result the sudden unexpected downpour before the procession was made worse by their absence.

As a result of the rather public incident officials tasked the Department of Public Works and Town and Country Planning with preparing a proposal and plan for an underground pipeline to remove flood water from the centre of the city out into the sea.

Plans also include the possibility of covering additional areas of the city that are prone to flooding including Sukhumvit Road which is often badly affected during downpours.

It was reported that the proposal is to have the tunnel use gravity to remove the water out to sea rather than pumps.

In addition 41 million baht has already been allocated to construct a new flood pipeline from Jomtien Second Road according to the director of the Engineering Department.

Source: PattayaMail

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