Officials here in Pattaya continue to push ahead with the Thai government’s latest campaign to root out foreigners either staying or work here in Thailand illegally as part of the Immigration Bureau’s “Operation X-Ray Foreigners” initiative.

The latest series of raids which took place at apartment buildings, hotels and houses all across Pattaya on October 12 was a joint effort operation in which over 40 Tourist Police and Immigration Officials managed to round up nine foreign nationals who had overstayed their visas as well as two foreign nationals who had been found to be working without work permits.

When announcing the latest arrests officials did not make public the nationalities of any of those apprehended, under Thai law those rounded up could now be looking at a large fine, prison time and or lengthy blacklisting from Thailand.


  1. Don’t break the law = no problem. There are many ways to enjoy foreign countries providing you obey the rules. If you gain illegal entry to exploit a country expect to be deported. Be quiet the bleeding hearts who seek to gain political traction!


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