Pattaya Based DJs Have World Number One Hit

Two famous DJs have taken the world by storm as their hit record “Lady” reached number one on the Beatport World Chart last week.

The original song was recorded by Richard Grey but when DJs Eddie Pay and Matthew White remixed it in collaboration with Nick Frames and DJ Benz, the song rocketed to the top of the charts.

Eddie and Matthew are not strangers to success and have in fact been one of the most popular acts, not just in South East Asia but around the globe. Their songs “Jump Around” and “The Power” another collaboration with Richard Gray enjoyed similar success.

Pattaya Based DJs Have World Number One Hit

The guys are regular DJs at the Mixx Clubs in Pattaya and Bangkok and F.Club in Singapore and have been invited to play locations in Italy, Germany, USA, Ibiza and Spain to name only a few of the places they may be seen in the coming year.

Pattaya Based DJs Have World Number One Hit
Pattaya Based DJs Have World Number One Hit

The guys arrived in Pattaya from Germany and Hungary and love the city of Pattaya and Thailand in General. They are extremely proud of their successes and will no doubt go on to have many more. They love to show their appreciation to Thailand and its people, which was evident when the Mayor of Pattaya invited them along to City Hall on Monday 15th of January, 2018.

Of course Love Pattaya was there to witness the event, which saw the mayor receive a number of gifts from Pay & White. They delivered a framed memento of the hit “Lady”, a DVD and a CD to Maj. Gen. Anan Charoenchasri the current mayor of the city.

Pattaya Based DJs Have World Number One Hit

Eddie and Matthew said they were extremely proud of their achievements as DJs but to be honoured by the city of Pattaya in such a way, is truly remarkable.

They also thanked the mayor and Mr Edward Kiti, who is a House Committee Member at the Thai Parliament, who helped ensure the meeting at City Hall ran smoothly.

If you wish to see and hear the guys in action, check out the Mixx Club in Pattaya or Bangkok, where they feature on a regular basis.

Also visit the Pay & White website for further details including their biography and discography along with the links to some of their recordings.

Love Pattaya would like to congratulate the guys for their wonderful success and hope they have many more hits in the future.

Also a huge thanks to everyone at City Hall for inviting the DJs to meet the mayor and permitting Love Pattaya’s presence.

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