Pattaya Beach Restoration Project Resumes

Restoration of the Pattaya Beach which followed a fifteen month suspension is soon to be completed by August, promised the Mayor Anan Charoenchasri.

Resuming work early March, sand transferring began from the Koh Rang Kwian. The stockpiles are in barges resting on landfill a kilometer away from the off shore. As and when required, the sand will be shipped.

The restoration project was suspended on March 20th, when the Marine Department declared that the sand brought for the project from Koh Rang Kwian was not in tune with Pattaya’s beachfront.

Pattaya Beach Restoration Project Resumes

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The project plan suffered a halt as the consultants of Chulalongkorn University twice had recommended the wrong sand.

Finally with the right call, the project work has resumed.

The sand which has been agreed upon though doesn’t match Pattaya sands native color but has been assured that once the dark sand is spread over, the sun would eventually bleach it to white within a few days.

The project will widen the Pattaya Beach to 35 meters from north to south, with an extra 15 meters of sand added below the waterline.

Pattaya Beach Restoration Project Resumes

To check erosion, geotextile mesh reinforcements will be installed under the sand along the waterline designed by the contractors.

The contractors have promised Mayor Anan Charoenchasri to complete the project within the next 120 days, i.e. the end of August.

Pattaya Beach is facing severe threats of is extinction.

Covering 96,128 sq. meters and 35.6 meters wide on an average in the 1952, the beach had shrunk to as little as 3.5 meters by 2011 and is presently five meters wide.

Pattaya has performed stop-gap refill projects which was eventually decreasing the beach’s life expectancy.

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