Pattaya Seeks To Become A Marine Hub For Asia

Could Pattaya and Thailand become a “Marina Hub” and a major player in the world of marine leisure?

This is what the organisers of the forthcoming Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show believe. The event is now in its sixth year and with projected trade expected to be in the region of two billion baht from the show, it is hard to offer an argument against such claims.

All the well known and respected boat manufactures and marine brand companies will be represented at the event, exhibiting their wares to an ever expanding Thai market.

The Tourist Authority of Thailand add support for such claims, stating that the country receives millions of visitors per annum based around marine leisure, while Euromonitor International rate Thailand in the top twenty of their 100 City Destinations Ranking.

Pattaya Seeks To Become A Marine Hub For Asia

Dr.Tirachai Pipitsupaphol, Managing Director, Ocean Property said “Pattaya is showing strong growth of visitors and is vital to the development of the country’s Eastern Economic Corridor.

“The Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show has an important role to play in this, being the leading platform for marine businesses to promote their products and services to a domestic and international audience.

“Now in its sixth year, the consumer-focussed show has earned a reputation as being a show for boat lovers, where people come to see and test the latest products in the industry.”

Thailand’s top marine businesses will stand alongside the world’s most acclaimed international yachting and commercial vessel manufacturers at the show.

Pattaya Seeks To Become A Marine Hub For Asia

Sea going crafts with price tags ranging from under one million baht all the way up to 200 million baht in the super yacht league bracket will be present, plus producers of a wide range of other marine services and tradesmen will be there to display their goods during the show.

The Eastern Economic Corridor and the Ocean Marina Yacht Club are tirelessly contributing to promote and develop the Gulf of Thailand’s marine leisure resources and amenities, which in turn should deliver huge rewards to those who operate within the industry and of course tourism.

There is unlimited potential throughout Thailand but the eastern coast is thought of as an area that can be promoted substantially due to its comparatively untapped resources.

Pattaya has witnessed an increase in enquiries from yacht owners regarding berthing their multi-million baht vessels here, which the authorities see as a means to generating further financial benefits to the city.

Pattaya Seeks To Become A Marine Hub For Asia

It is claimed that more and more Thais are now chartering boats for private use during vacations, leading to extending the amount of charter companies in Pattaya.

Anyone who lives in Pattaya is fully aware of the hundreds of speed boats that operate tours to Koh Lan but apparently this is another area of marine business that is growing steadily, with the yacht market being to the fore of the action.

In a single quarter, figures show 18,000 people using Ocean Marina Yacht Club as a means to travel to the islands in the Gulf of Thailand, which the authorities believe provide a platform to increase activity at the marina.

It is believed that upwards of 6,000 people will visit the Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show in November. Let us hope that the event is a huge success and that it delivers all the benefits that are being predicted for the city of Pattaya and beyond.

You can see the show on November 23rd through to the 26th at the Ocean Marine Yacht Club in Pattaya. For more information: here

Source : Thaivisa

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