Pattaya is about to become a MICE city, the first of its kind in Thailand, with authorities believing it will drive up tourism.

Deputy mayor Bantit Khunjak chaired a meeting with people from many sectors at the town hall to discuss the strategy and launch of MICE.

The problem is no one appears to know what a “MICE” city is.

A number of news sites, including Love Pattaya, resorted to Google in attempts to discover what this new term is.

Pattaya To Become A MICE City

Wikipedia informs us that it stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing and Exhibitions, which of course fits in with the governments plans to rid Pattaya of its seedy reputation.

The online encyclopedia also states that only 3% of the cities visitors fit with the MICE description, so there is much to be done if this strategic plan is to provide jobs for 27,000 girls who are currently employed in bars.

It is clear, the authorities wish MICE to be a success as those who would visit Pattaya, would have a higher spending potential, as most would be business people.

If the government are to succeed in ridding Pattaya of its so called “Sin City” tag, they must find employment for those who currently work in the entertainment sector. Bars will close in their hundreds without the regular tourists, sending business owners home in their droves.

Pattaya To Become A MICE City

This is not something that can change over night. It requires a long term plan of action, including better education so that the girls coming out of schools can find decent jobs.

Simply closing down Walking Street and other popular attractions will see Pattaya die.

So let’s clean it up but never kill it off. Pattaya needs its entertainment industry as as any other form of tourism.

Source : Thaivisa

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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