It seems it’s not just the city that’s getting a makeover in Pattaya its police officers are also getting made to smarten up after the chief of police gave the order to his men to look more presentable.

Following last week’s order from way up high Apichai Krobpetch arranged a mass haircuting session for his officers on Sunday to conform with the new guideline that all officers in the kingdom must have short, presentable haircuts.

Pattaya cops ordered to smarten up image with trimmed hair and waists

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Barbers were drafted in who over the course of the day were able to beautify roughly half of the 470 officers at the station.

The regulations regarding the length of an officer’s hair are apparently not new, however with continuing efforts to improve the kingdom’s image it appears that the powers that be are now enforcing them, officers not complying with the regulations will face disciplinary action according to Sanook.

It was also noted that it’s not only the officer’s hair getting a trim apparently the more rotund members of the force have been ordered to hit the treadmill – or else!

Source : Sanook

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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