Pattaya Hit By Storms

Our beloved Pattaya was deserted as storms hit the holiday resort on Wednesday.

It is rare for the city to endure such prolonged rain but when it does, it more often than not, results in floods.

Local businesses suffered loss of trade as the persistent rain ensued. Bars, restaurants, shops and markets were without customers for most of the day.

Even the harbour was closed to sea going traffic as the red flag flew at half-mast.

The storms, often with deafening thunder and spectacular lightning shows, covered much of the kingdom.

Looking at two different weather apps, one says no rain for the next week but the other says rain to continue for at least seven days.

How there can be so much disparity is beyond me but I guess we shall wait and see which one is correct.

At present Pattaya is dry with temperatures in the region of 30 degrees.

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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