According to a recent article by there is even more reason to book a holiday to Pattaya after the popular coastal resort city ranked in the top five healthiest cities in the world.

Pattaya came in 4th spot in a poll of 50 cities from all across the globe, factors such as the number of health food shops, vegan restaurants, the number of open spaces, parks, beaches and even the number of hours of sunlight each city gets came into play in the scoring of each city featured.

Thailand as a whole did very well on the list of healthiest cities with Chiang Mai also featuring in the top 5 coming in second place and Bangkok ranking 30th and Phuket in 47th.

With the governments recent efforts to make Pattaya a more family friendly destination and beach renovations almost complete it might be time to book another trip to Pattaya.

Source: Travelsupermarket


  1. to say pattaya is a safe city is a joke. Sure it is a wonderfull place but it is one of the most dangerous cities. Did they take account of the the traffic,the dicing with death when you try to cross beach road or second road,the stream of walking wounded tourists in casualty and the maniac motor bike taxi drivers some of whom are on yaba drug?


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