Pattaya iPhone Thief Charged

Love Pattaya reported the story of a woman who refused to return an iPhone she found on a counter in her local 7/11, unless she received 5000 baht for “looking after it”.

Yesterday, police approved the release of the woman. However the 45 year-old woman is facing theft charges.

Pregnant Saifon Moonchan was granted bail, which was set at 50,000 baht.

The ridiculous situation came about following complaints from Nuengruethai Naka, 34, that the woman had stolen her iPhone 7 Plus and was refusing to return it unless she paid her 5000 baht. The victim had placed the phone on the counter in a 7/11 but left without picking it up.

A 1000 baht offer was made but rejected by Saifon Moonchan, stating the phone was worth at least 30,000 baht.

Despite being informed that she was breaking the law, Moonchan insisted she was within her rights to demand compensation for looking after the phone.

Needless to say, she found herself in a police cell.

Theft by finding is an offence in Thailand and she will no doubt pay the penalty for her foolishness.


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