Residents of the Village of Charoenrath received some help from Pattaya construction crews after their homes had been swamped with floodwater from runoff after a recent storm.

Crews were on hand on July 22, using heavy machinery they knocked down a wall and dug a channel to relieve trapped floodwater.

Pattaya lends a helping hand to NongPlalai to relieve flooding

The flooding problem it turns out was of the residents own making having built walls to try and prevent flood water from entering the village from higher elevations.

The problem came after the heavy rainfall and once the water was in there was nowhere for it to go.

Pattaya City Hall also made an agreement with sub-district officials to install a 60-centimeter sewer line and connect it to Pattaya’s flood-drainage system to help cope with excess waters.

Nice to see a helping hand being extended to neighbours

Source : Pattayamail

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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