Pattaya lifeguards quick to act preventing foreigner from drowning

Police and emergency services received a call that an unidentified foreign man was in need of urgent emergency attention on August 27

Emergency personnel and officers responded to the call which they received at around 2pm and found the man unconscious on the beach in the Pratumnak area of Pattaya.

The man received CPR before being rushed to the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital where he remains in a critical condition.

The incident occurred in a popular water sports spot in the city where lifeguards were quick to react after people nearby the man began shouting for help.

Lifeguards found the man in the water struggling to breath and quickly dragged him to shore, however due to the large amounts of water he had inhaled he was unconscious and lifeguards performed chest compressions to try and remove the water.

Pattaya lifeguards quick to act preventing foreigner from drowning

Officers were told that the man had been out in a small sailing boat prior to ending up in the water with breathing problems though witnesses were not sure what happened prior to this.

Police took statements from the witnesses and the lifeguards at the scene and are waiting for the unidentified man’s condition to improve before they question him over the incident.

Source : Pattayaone

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