Pattaya mayor sets sights on ridding city of smokers

Now that the International Fleet Review has come and gone it seems that Pattaya’s mayor is setting his sights on smokers, declaring all-out war!

Hefty fines and harsh punishments await anyone who violates the beach smoking law that comes into force in February next year.

Pattaya’s mayor Anana Charoenchasri apparently isn’t content with stopping smoking just on the beaches however promising that anyone caught smoking in other areas where it is prohibited will also face severe punishments.

It was reported that mayor Anana accompanied by a large number of local officials were out on Jomtien Beach yesterday for the beginning of the anti-smoking campaign.

Both smokers and cigarettes themselves were declared the enemy of both public health and the environment.

Not only are cigarettes being blamed for damaging people’s health and the environment there also being blamed for blocking drains around the city…

Those caught smoking on the beaches after February or littering could face fines of up to 100,000 baht and or a year in prison under the new initiative.

Mayor Anana also announced that those smoking in areas where it is prohibited other than the beach could face fines of 5,000 baht and anyone found selling cigarettes to underage customers could be fined 30,000 baht and spend three months in prison.

The anti-smoking campaign yesterday on Jomtien Beach was designed to “train” beach vendors and others who make a living on the sands such as masseuses to get everyone ready for when the new law comes into effect next year.

What do you think is the new law a good thing or a step to far?

Source : Sophon Cable

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  1. Be very careful
    I already said once.
    They will still smoke.
    What could happen or what will happen. The smokers will go somewhere to smoke. And they will find shelter from the hot sun. If that means under shop verandahs then all you have achieved is taking a problem from one place and creating it somewhere else. I suggest that on beach rd pattaya a 300mm white line from one end to the other with no smoking logos every 10 meters. And black arrows pointing beachward. And large butt containers on every lamp post and hefty fines for littering. I don’t know about Jomtien. I havent had a good look.


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