Pattaya officials have spoken out over recent criticism that the new beach umbrellas and chairs that they have handed out to 150 vendors is emblazoned with the Chang logo is advertising Chang drinking water not beer, like many have suggested as that would be illegal under government laws.

Maj Gen Pobhana Luengpanuwat, a member of Pattaya city council stated on November 2, said that the city gratefully accepted the new beach equipment intended to improve the look of Pattaya beaches ahead of the International Fleet Show taking place next week.

The military has been tightening restrictions over advertising of alcohol over the last couple of months targeting everyone from bar owners to member of the public to social media users who they deem to be advertising alcohol brands.

Gen Pobhanan denied criticism that the city was breaking the Alcohol Beverage Control Act by reminding people that the Thai drinks company also produces drinking water using the same logo, so the umbrellas and chairs are advertising water which is completely legal apparently.

So far Pattaya officials have handed out 150 sets of the new equipment which have thus far been met with mixed reviews from beachgoers.

Many people have voiced complaints that since being given the new equipment vendors have hiked up their prices some now charging as much as 100 baht per seat.

Source: PattayaMail

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